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Doing what I want

I have been playing the drums since I was 16 and love what I do. Although it can be frustrating with regards to making a living, jazz has given me so many “highs”, I cannot imagine doing anything else.

Technical information:


Snare – either 1938 Leedy 6 1/2″ solid wood shell or Noble & Cooley 5 1/2″ solid wood shell
Toms – 10″,12″,14″ Gretsch
Bass Drum – either 20″ Gretsch or 18″ Rogers


Rides – Istanbul, K. Zildjian
Crashes – Istanbul, Sabian
Hi-hats – Istanbul


  • Drummers – Tony Williams; Elvin Jones; Jack de Johnette; Roy Haynes; Vernell Fournier; hundreds more…
  • Plus – Miles; Coltrane; Wayne Shorter; Herbie Hancock; McCoy Tyner; Chick Corea; Ron Carter etc.
  • Recordings – My Funny Valentine; Four & More; ESP, by Miles Davis
    A Love Supreme; Afro-Blue by John Coltrane
    Now He Sings, Now He Sobs by Chick Corea
    Heavy Weather; Night Passage by Weather Report
    Modern Times by Steps Ahead